IT Labs Partners Up With Macedonia2025 to Support Ohrid Hi-Tech Excellence Camp

We’re proud to announce that IT Labs have partnered up with Macedonia2025, to support their Ohrid Hi-Tech Excellence Camp, which is set to take place in Ohrid, from 10th until 16th of July 2022.

Ohrid Hi-Tech Excellence Camp provides an opportunity for young people of Macedonian origin, aged 11 to 15 and with basic skills in programming and robotics, to further their knowledge in these areas, while also learning methods and practices that can help them develop their critical thinking, creative processes, and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to get in touch with their roots and network with Macedonians from all over the world.

As supporters of learning and development, IT Labs considers events and camps of this type to be of utmost importance for securing the future of young techies looking to learn more, empowering them on the way to building a better tomorrow through the use of technology.