In the era when the volume and the speed of information transfer is increasingly valuable it’s very important to understand the technology behind it. It’s the speed of light that enables us to communicate in real time while we are on different continents around the globe. And thanks to that and the silica we were able to use fiber optic systems as irreplaceable digital communication systems. 

In this Re:Imagine session held on 23.01.2023, we had Blagoj Trajkoski, Optical Network Engineer at Google, who explained the role of the fiber optic networks, while introducing the concepts of the physics applied behind it. By clicking PLAY on the video below, you will hear from Blagoj as he will walk through one “optical highway” with the accent of the amplification blocks. In the end, you’ll have the chance to look at and hear about some of the latest achievements in this field and the limitation factors. 

Click play for the full session!