Sharing knowledge and having a direct role in building the next set of high-performing teams, is a major part of IT Labs working culture. It is our continuous aspiration to be actively involved in molding the new IT generation, which is why we created an internship program ten years ago. This year we decided to make changes and fully adapt the curriculum to remote learning. As a result, we carefully developed an Online Internship Program. After a month and a half of selection, we can finally say that our search for young talents is over, and they start the journey of learning at the beginning of July. 

The beginning of summer is an exciting period for us at IT Labs. It is when we embrace the opportunity to develop the next and newest tech generation. In this period, we start our three-month internship program and open the doors of our office in Skopje for young-eager minds. Thus, introducing them to the IT Labs world filled with many exciting possibilities.

Motivated to bring the best from every generation, share new perspectives, and teach interns how to implement learned knowledge into practice, we here at IT Labs developed a highly successful internship program. One that has a great legacy, and at the same time, is continuously being upgraded to grasp the future.

This year, we decided to make a change and crafted an Online Internship Program. With over 200 entries for three different areas of learning, we can honestly say that we are more than pleased with the feedback from applicants.

What is the Online Internship Program?

The Online Internship Program preserves the same high-quality standards as before, but we have adjusted them to a fully online implementation from start to finish. Starting from initial entry (exam questions) to the recruitment process, where we select the best candidates, we then move into a process of learning and implementation of knowledge.

The interns will be guided by mentors with years of experience in worldwide projects, and are proven professionals in their respective fields.

One of the best perks of our program is that the candidates that will successfully complete it will have the opportunity to become permanent members of our team.

„The idea for an Online Internship Program came from the change in circumstances due to COVID-19. This quick adjustment is a testament to our ability to pave the way towards the future of learning. Training the new IT generations is an honor and an obligation that we take very seriously and also with lots of pride. I can say that the interns that had, or will have the opportunity to learn from our team, will be prepared for every challenge“ – says Frosina Zafirovska CHRO at IT Labs.

With that said, we wish a great warm welcome to the first generation of our Online Internship Program.


Maja Tanushoska

Digital Marketing Specialist