Well, we noticed that one of the questions that seemed to be flying around the office was “Well, what are you on right now?” and so, we decided to bring all of our projects and teams together and let them pick the most creative way they want (no limits) to show what it is that they’re working now, who’s involved, what’s the dynamics – and just present the project to all IT Labbers! 

In our Skopje Office Arena, as well as online, we had the “Open Your Project days, where we had the chance to hear one from another what are they actually working on right now. 

Some went with video, some with presentations, while others focused on explaining the work they do in a story-drive narrative – all in all, the “Open Your Projects Day” has helped everyone one in the company not just have a clearer idea of what’s at work on all levels, but also learn more about their teammates and know who they can contact when in need for specific issues! 

So, what are you working on right now?