Cooking is so much more than satisfying our need for food. It’s tradition, it’s bonding, it’s spending quality time with loved ones, connecting on a different level.

The question as old as time is: Does everyone have the neck for it? Is it something you are just naturally born to do, or is it a skill anyone can learn? 

In a ‘Yay or Nay’ session, IT Labs’ Beatriz Castillo – a Talent Acquisition Specialist but also an amazing chef who enjoys cooking and baking tasty goods for her family and friends – answered all of these questions and much more. Starting from the origin of her love for cooking, how she nurtured it, as well as some of her favorite meals to prepare, all the way to how you can do it! 


  • Cooking – why do it? 
  • Where does the desire for cooking come from? 
  • What’s needed for cooking?