ISTQB – Gold Partner status means top-notch testing

Software bugs beware!

The software testing team at IT Labs has brought home the gold — as in, Gold Partner status awarded by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, or ISTQB.

This ISTQB partnership is an indicator of the high-level skills and competencies of the 200-member team at IT Labs, which has a longstanding commitment to the continual growth and development of its team members.

“What this recognition means in real terms is a powerful combination of defect prevention, pre-test defect removal, and better testing that avoids costly and embarrassing bugs in software,” says Ilija Mishov, founding partner of IT Labs. “That saves time and improves quality.”

Testing certification brings software quality awareness, best practices, and context for developers, testers and business analysts as they work together in the Agile environment.

“It makes a huge difference to have objective metrics to guide and control a project and accurately report the status, as well as having defined entry and exit criteria,” Mishov adds. “Also, this level of certification means a testing team is able to meet and overcome some of the obstacles to high quality – incoming quality, time, manpower, and so on – because they’re now equipped with tools and techniques to address those issues. This arsenal of testing techniques has a direct and positive impact on the bottom line.”

The ISTQB Partner Program comprises four levels of partnerships (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Global), and the partnership level of an organization is determined through the number of certification points it has accumulated.

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