Something To Be Done

So, what can companies in the ICT sector do to curb their effect on the environment? A lot, and many of them are already going green or greener, but more needs to be done. The basis on what can and needs to be done varies, and it depends on the size of the company, and the impact it has/it can have on communities – both locally and globally – but in the end, it’s all about initiative and execution, and being a driving force in the quest for creating a better, more sustainable world.
Following, you’ll read more about what can be done, and what we’re doing to fulfil our role as an environmentally friendly company.

Think Globally, Act Locally

The idea of having a month dedicated to the environment was something we at IT Labs would serve our goal, and is an activity that is part of the core of who we are and what we do. We lead by example, and that’s why we decided to spend a month focusing our efforts on making a change in our communities, as something to complement our continuous efforts in becoming a more green and sustainable company.
So look in your communities, in your cities, the areas nearby – what can you do? Carry out a volunteer action? Collaborate with NGOs that tackle issues of environmental nature in communities? Maybe help them with financing? The options are endless, and actions of this type help improve livelihood in communities, and can present a good team-building activity for your employees.
For example, we teamed up with “Ne Bidi Gjubre” – a civil organization that organizes volunteers for cleaning polluted “hotspots” around Skopje – and spent the day with them! We cleaned up an important part of the city in a large, coordinated action which around 70 people, as well as mechanization and help from the ‘PE Communal Hygiene Skopje’. A continuous effort in initiatives like this one, will definitely have an effect on the long run, and help increase environmental awareness not just in the communities, but also among your employees as well.

The Awareness

You see everyone on the internet these days talking about raising awareness on some issues, and these help in keeping the general public informed on all the important events in that sphere, and also educate people on all the progress being made, as well as trying to engage them in activities.
Special attention was paid when we planned this at IT Labs, as we wanted to find a speaker who is deep into the environmental world, who knows all the aspects – policy, activism, and hands-on experience in tackling some of the biggest issues. And, of course, we got Ana Petrovska to hold a presentation and educate us more on the topic of ‘Zero Waste’ and we got into a discussion looking to answer one of the more pertinent questions regarding zero waste: is it possible?

Repurposing, Recycling, Reusing

Just managing how much waste you create and being aware of the whole environmental effect is all fine, but what happens when you lower your effect by simply finding a new place, a new role, and a new purpose for all the items and objects we dispose of daily.
So we challenged our teams to find something old, something that is way past it’s usage date, and find a new use for it!
The results? Well, see for yourself:

Final Takeaway

If you want to do something, you’ll either find a way, or you’ll find an excuse, but considering all we talked about above, an excuse is not really an option, and finding a way is not “easier said than done” anymore. It’s all about perspective, willingness, and the opportunity to do well.
It’s about the environment – and excuses are not an option there.