Data is everywhere, but how do we manage it? Working with data and managing it can be a challenging task, and selecting the right data process can be complicated. That’s where Meltano comes in- a powerful open-source ELT framework that can simplify the data-building process. 

This open-source ELT framework simplifies the process of building data integration and analytics pipelines. It offers flexibility, extensibility, and a range of features to efficiently extract, load, and transform data from various sources into a target data warehouse. Because of its flexibility, Meltano enables customization and extension of the framework’s capabilities to suit one’s unique needs. In today’s world, overwhelmed with information, data is king- and it’s essential to select the right tools to manage it effectively.   

Curious about how to manage data with Meltano? Our latest Re: Imagine Session was held on 31.05.2023 and covered the topic of data and data processing, at which Oliver Tanevski, a Data Engineer from Data Masters, dived deep into the subject of data with focus on Meltano. 

Leave behind the overwhelming world of data management and transform your data processing! 

Topics covered:

  • World of data 
  • ETL vs. ELT 
  • Meltano- a framework for simplifying the data-building process 

Get ready to elevate your cloud management game!