From the moment our team members stepped into the Arena and started joining the livestream, we could almost feel the excitement in the air. The session started with a warm welcome and an introduction to the world of photography. Despite varying levels of experience, everyone found something valuable to take away from the lecture. 

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the live shooting session. We had the opportunity to see everything that we had just learned. By connecting his camera with the presentation (and the live stream), Aleksandar showed us the true magic of photography by experimenting with ISO, lights, lenses, and much more. 

Near the end of the event, we were thrilled to officially launch the IT Labs Photo Club – a place dedicated to continuous learning, growth and hanging out. And the first activity of our Photo Club was the start of the Photo Boot Competition – a fun and engaging event for all of us to show what we learned as well as get feedback from a professional photographer. 

That said, beyond the technical aspects, what truly made this session special was how the love of photography brought our entire group together. The Re:Imagine Session was not just about learning new skills; it was about building a community where creativity knows no bounds. 

Reflecting on this memorable photography session, we’re grateful to everyone who attended and contributed to its success. We’re excited to continue this journey with the IT Labs Photo Club, where every moment is an opportunity to capture something extraordinary. Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming activities, including a Photo Exhibition from our IT Labbers.

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About Aleksandar Tomovski 

Aleksandar Tomovski is a software engineer by day and photographer by night. His love for photography was born in nature, but over the years it grew closer to the city streets and the everyday life of people. Today, Aleksandar finds inspiration in the elegant and gracious movement of ballerinas – making storytelling masterpieces by capturing their movements on scene.  

This leads to him winning many medals, recognitions, certificates, and diplomas in over 20 countries worldwide. He has even been listed as the top 100 photographers in several categories, making him one of the most prominent Macedonian representatives of photography. As a recognized photographer, he has hosted many events and attended many prestigious competitions as a member of the judging committee.

Check out this breathtaking video of him that perfectly showcases his photography talent!