As a company, IT Labs is dedicated to following the newest trends in technology, which means that participating or visiting some of the biggest events is a must – so off we went to this year’s Embedded World Exhibition&Conference! 

At this event, which took place in the Messenzentrum in Nuremberg, Germany, from March 14th until March 16th, IT Labs’ Blagoj Kjupev (CIO) and Ilija Mishov (Co-founder) had the chance to talk to some of the world’s leading experts in IoT and BMS, see the achievements and innovation of leading companies in the fields, and just learn about the newest trends in embedded technology. 

One of the highlights of these events was following all the emerging technologies in the world of FPGA and HDL, providing valuable information on where this technology will go in the coming years, and how IT Labs can adjust to align with the movement in this domain. 

The Embedded World Exhibition&Conference brings the entire embedded community together once a year in Nuremberg and provides a unique overview of the state-of-the-art in this versatile industry. 

Looking forward to the one next year!