IT Labs and the School of Electrical Engineering (SEE) at the University of Belgrade have signed an agreement for collaboration, with the purpose of joining forces in innovation, development, and introduction of new technologies, with IT Labs becoming a Grand Partner of SEE (School of Electrical Engineering).

IT Labs’ General Manager, Kostandina Zafirovska, and Ilija Mishov, Co-founder at IT Labs, paid a visit to the University last week to sign the collaboration and lay the foundations of the cooperation, meeting with Ass. Professor Mileta Zarkovic, PhD, Professor Bosko Nikolic, PhD, and Professor Milos Cvetanovic.

Primarily, this collaboration consists of defining and setting up topics for projects, BSc and master’s theses, as well as going deeper in modernizing and improving the curricula and syllabi, and practical training and potential employment for students from various degrees programs.

Closer collaboration and cooperation among IT Companies and academic institutions will help in providing better education to younger people, helping them secure their future, and spur innovation and invention.

Collaborations like this one is the first step towards ensuring our academic institutions are not just cradles of knowledge, but also innovation.”

– Kostandina Zafirovska
General Manager at It Labs

“By collaborating, we can help young people enter the labor market more prepared and enable them a hands-on experience with modern technology, which in turn makes them better equipped to succeed.”

– Ass. Professor Mileta Žarković, PhD
School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade