This visit is a unique chance for students and faculty members to learn more about life at IT Labs and the career opportunities we provide. As a company specializing in software solutions, we have experienced remarkable growth, counting 200+ team members worldwide, with teams in Europe and North and South America. We are always looking for talented individuals to join our ranks and grow together with us!   

In addition to this, the following day – April 27th – IT Labs will hold a  Company Day, at which visitors will have the chance to follow a presentation from our HR representatives, as they describe life at IT Labs, and the benefits we offer the our team members. Furthermore, visitors will also have the opportunity to attend a lecture by IT Labs’ Technical Lead, Milan Saric, titled “Common Mistakes in React,” which will cover common mistakes in all phases of product development and how to recognize and avoid them in the future.  

The ELFAK Open Day is an event aiming to introduce prospective and current students to the opportunities available at the faculty, as well as companies looking for tech talent. High school students from Niš and surrounding cities are invited to visit the faculty, where they can interact with professors and assistants and explore exhibits showcasing the various departments.  

The event will also feature company stands showcasing their work and profiles of engineers needed in the industry.  

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn more about IT Labs and the software industry.

We look forward to seeing you on April 26th and 27th at the Faculty of Electronics in Nish!