Crypto, crypto, crypto – if you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard this at least a few times a day – either someone’s trading in it, or analyzing it, some people say it’s the next best things since sliced bread, while others say it’s all just a sham. 

But which one is it? We had Marko Tagliavia, Backend Engineer at IT Labs and crypto enthusiast, guide us through the basics of crypto and give us the explanation on it, as well as help get us closer to answering that one question we’ve all thought of since the crypto craze began a few years ago – should you get involved with it? 

On December 13th 2022, he held this Yay or Nay Session, which was structured in the following manner: 

  • Basics about crypto 
  • BTC and ETH as most popular coins 
  • Price history 
  • Why invest now? 
  • Trading platforms 
  • Live demo of trade on platform 
  • Advice for newbie folks how to start