On November 24th, Martin will hold a workshop titled “Write, build, and deploy supersonic/subatomic java applications with Quarkusat which he’ll dive deep into the subject of how to write supersonic/subatomic java applications, look at what a cloud-native image is, how to build Quarkus application into one, and why this can be a better framework for developers to work in. 

Martin’s workshop will have the following agenda: 

  • What is Quarkus; 
  • What is GraalVM; 
  • JVM vs. GraalVM; 
  • Quarkus vs. Spring boot; 
  • Pros / Cons of Quarkus; 
  • Initialize Quarkus application; 
  • Write a working API; 
  • Build the API; 
  • Deploy the API; 

This is a free online event, and if you’d like to attend it, you can do so by signing up HERE. 

The IT Konekt workshops are organized as a type of interactive, hands-on workshops with less presentations and lectures, and more practical examples in coding and exercises, at which participants can engage in the work and the discussion. 

The first online IT Konekt workshops were held in November 2020, while the first IT Konekt DevDays were held in the course of a few months in 2021. These sessions were dedicated to technologies such as Java, .NET, Angular, React, and the concepts of “clean code”, architecture, and unit testing. The events were organized in collaboration with lecturers such as: Victor Rentea, Vlad Mihalcea, Kevlin Henney, Manfred Steyer, Nir Kaufman, Dylan Beattie, and Mark Rendle.  

We would like to thank IT Konekt for the opportunity to have one of our own as part of the DevDays!