Is it sufficient to start with idea development if it “looks” that the idea will bring business value? Many would say yes, but the truth is that proper planning must be executed to assess the validity of an idea, which will in turn show potential business or maybe other value to the company engaged in idea or product development.

In the video below, you will see the whole Re:Imagine session from 19.10.2022, in which IT Labs’ Chief Innovation Officer, Blagoj Kjupev, went through all the steps in the idea development process – focusing on listing the basic assessment steps required to have a justification if the idea should be developed as a prototype or MVP, and when the MVP is developed – what is required to have a product that should live and generate sufficient revenue to cover initial investment and running costs. 

This is just one of our Re:Imagine sessions, at which we have experts from various fields and industries, using the sessions as a platform to share their experiences and who dive deep into subjects! 

Topics covered:

  • Idea development 
  • Preparation/planning 
  • Final Preparation Steps 
  • Execute Implementation