How did you end up with us?

It was an ex-roommate who had already started an internship in ITL who suggested that I apply. Funny story, I was interviewed multiple times (Ana Strezoska, IT Labs’ People Specialist, may confirm), the first interview was for a DevOps engineer, but I ended up changing my mind and coming again for a second as a Backend Engineer, yeah… that was a lot of interviews through the process, but in the end, it was actually perfect, as I found something that really interested me and the time, and I’m still going with that.

What was your experience in the internship program? With the mentors?

I can say for sure that I started from 0.5 with truly little knowledge in software development outside the general programming knowledge from the university and learned A LOT throughout the program. Miki Jovanovski was there as our mentor supporting and teaching us how to be better developers, now, he is on my team, and I’m still learning from him.

What do you see yourself doing in the future? The only way is up, so where exactly is that?

I don’t really have a “set in stone” future job position, but I’d like to go with the flow, and explore and learn things that I find interesting and things that can make a difference, but yes, the sky is the limit. Also, IT Labs has a policy that allows people to move not just up the ladder, but also horizontally – you can switch from one stack to another, to different projects, different techs, and this is perfect for anyone willing to learn more and try to find their calling.

What does your average day look like?

It always starts with a morning daily stand-up, a shake, and a coffee near me, and by noon we are done with meetings (hooray), but yeah, meetings are essential when you realize you need additional meetings for confirmations and syncs. After noon, I start with daily coding tasks, have other meetings with the team, and maybe prepare a pull request for code review (probably another cup of coffee in the meantime). And that’s a day in a wrap.

Something personal you'd like to add

I’m a gamer at heart, I love coffee, passionate about technology, from recently into AI sphere and started CrossFit training.

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