Did you know that the future of cloud management is here? Do you know the benefits of using Azure Arc and how it can manage your environment seamlessly?  

In today’s rapidly evolving, ever-changing world, businesses are struggling with the challenge of managing complex environments that span across data centers. Azure Arc serves as a bridge that expands Microsoft’s Azure platform’s capabilities, empowering you to build applications and services that can operate across multiple clouds, at the edge and data centers.  

With Azure Arc, you can effortlessly organize, control, and secure Windows and Linux servers, SQL Server, and Kubernetes clusters. Curious about how you can leverage Azure Arc to drive your business into the future? Our latest Re: Imagine Session that was held on 23.03.2023 covered this topic, at which Martin Dimovski (DevOps Engineer with 15+ years of experience) answered these questions and many more about the entire scenario of managing on-premises environments using Azure Arc. 

Topics covered: 

  • Azure Arc Overview 
  • Managing your environment together 
  • Azure Resource Manager 

Get ready to elevate your cloud management game!