IT Labs is proud to announce the launch of Consulting Alliance, a new initiative expanding the IT Labs’ ecosystem.

The Alliance is an on-demand global network of highly skilled Consultants, who are Subject Matter Experts combining years of industry experience with a thirst for innovation and transformation. We integrate their industry-focused expertise with our cutting-edge technology infrastructure. The Alliance provides bidirectional relationships that increase revenue streams by broadening their services, products, and solutions.

Our objective is to apply expertise and insights to the biggest problems and opportunities facing businesses and governments worldwide.

In response to high demand from enterprises, in this initiative we are actively identifying and partnering with consultants across the globe. The goal: to create a network of best Subject Matter Experts ready to be engaged when significant or dynamic challenges emerge for clients.

To learn more or become a Consultant, please click here.

“We are embracing and empowering the strengths and innovation of small businesses and their teams in order to create a ‘large organization’ that is capable of providing elite service to the enterprise and governments on a global scale.” -Branislav (Banne) Gjorcevski, President of IT Labs.