As a socially responsible company, IT Labs is always more than happy to have an active role in helping change things for the better. That is why we are very proud that we created the project “Circle of responsibility” in collaboration with the “Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje,” an initiative that originated from the idea to combine acts of kindness and knowledge with young minds. After finishing the first series of online lectures, we can say that together we made a difference. 

This summer, IT Labs and the Faculty of Philosophy started the project Circle of responsibility,promoting the idea of action and learning. 2020 has been a challenging year, but we were determined to create something positive and shine a light on a year that hasnt been so kind to the world. Through the project, we have engaged the students from the Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje” to contribute to socially responsible activities of their choosing. As a reward, they got themselves a ticket to free online lectures provided by IT Labs. 

At our great pleasure, IT Labs showed care and interest to include the students from the Faculty of Philosophy” in the project Circle of responsibilitythrough four key lectures that will help them to become more competitive in their working field. At the same time, the project motivated them to get include in around a hundred social responsibility activities to get a ticket for the training.

Ratko Duev

dean at the Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje. 

With over 100 students as participants in 4 online lectures on different subjects such as digital marketing, how to crack the first job interview, business communication, and upgrading the knowledge in Excel, we are more than satisfied with the impact this project had oMacedonian society.  

“As a socially responsible company, we are continuously dedicated to making changes for the better. It was an honor to share our knowledge with the young minds from the Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje, and I can honestly say that “Circle of responsibility” has made a significant change and made a full circle where acting and learning had achieved perfect symbiosis. “

Frosina Zafirovska

CHRO at IT Labs. 

The students impressed us with their efforts by getting involved in so many different activities such as helping the elderly, donating food, creating and donating masks for Covid prevention, cleaning public spaces, and so much more.

“The students are an important group that can be a key catalyst of the social changes if they have the right support from the surroundings. In collaboration with IT Labs, a company that recognized the need to motivate and reward them, the students showed collective awareness and shared vision to get organized into making small and big changes in our society. “

 Sofija Arnaudova

a professor at the Faculty of philosophy and coordinator of the project. 

But our initiatives wont stop here. We are determined to broaden this story and have an even greater impact on our society. To motivate young minds to act and learn because it matters. 

Maja Tanushoska

Digital Marketing Specialist