A long-term agreement for collaboration was signed between IT Labs and the School of Electronic Engineering at the University of Nis, as the first step towards joint work in innovation, development, and the introduction of new technologies.

IT Labs’ General Manager, Kostandina Zafirovska, and Ilija Mishov, Co-founder, visited the University of Nis last week, meeting with Prof. Boban Veselic PhD, Vice-Dean at Faculty for Electronic Engineering, to discuss the current dynamics in the IT community and the potential to work together towards innovation, setting the foundations of the collaboration, and then signing the agreement.

The collaboration is expected to boost the number of students that have hands-on experience with modern tech and software, as well as provide them with valuable working experience with IT Labs, as professional practical work (internship), as part of the agreement.

Work experience can prove invaluable to students who are yet to conclude their studies, and also help them find fields in which they can then improve and specialize in.

Hands-on work experience is crucial during studying, as it helps students see how far they’ve come along, learn new things, and get real-life experience in a work environment and finding solutions”

– Kostandina Zafirovska
General Manager at It Labs

“The best way to become skilled at something is a combination of both theory and practice, and working a company, on real projects, is definitely one of the best ways for students to gain invaluable experience and put their skills to the test.”

– Prof. Boban Veselic PhD,
Vice-Dean at Faculty for Electronic Engineering