On November 15th, 2022, we held a competition – 18 of our team members, coming from various teams and backgrounds – QAs, Devs, Project Managers, and Marketing Pros – all came together, mixed up into five teams, and set about trying to be the best team by beating the Sant’Angelo stage on Coding Escape! 

The rules were very simple – all teams must have at least one dev, to lay the code – all the rest just need the enthusiasm and willingness to compete! 

This is not the first Coding Escape competition we had, but to make things more interesting, this time around, the first three teams that would get the best time in solving the challenge, would win not just the bragging rights, but also a prize – in money! 

The results? Three teams had scored amazing times on the coding escape, winning the competition: 

1st place – FSociety 

The winning team of the competition, finishing the challenge in 46 minutes and 25 seconds, was made of the following IT Labbers: 

  • Mario Liptov 
  • Petar Partaloski 
  • Vedran Krstevski 
  • Petra Jovic 

2nd place – Tehnokratija 

The second-best team at the competition, finishing the challenge in 58 minutes and 38 seconds, was made of the following IT Labbers: 

  • Kiril Todorovski 
  • Nikola Angelkovski 
  • Vladimir Glisic 
  • Marko Hristov 

3rd place – Bugs Funny 

The third place winners of the competition, finishing the challenge in 1 hour, 13 minutes, and 6 seconds, were Bugs Funny made of the following IT Labbers: 

  • Aleksandar Gjoreski 
  • Martin Trajkov 
  • Aleksandra Angelovska 
  • Kostadin Kadiev 

Big kudos to the other two teams that participated: 

Classical Moccasin Raccoon 

  • Damjan Minovski 
  • Angel Kuzmanov 
  • Tome Arizanov 

Popular Jade Barracuda 

  • Dimitar Anakiev 
  • Teodor Mladenovski 
  • Vlatko Zmejkovski 

All in all? It was a great competition and we’re looking at making it a mainstay at IT Labs, as it’s great for hanging out and it’s not a game that’s exclusive for developers! 

We’re committed to providing an environment where team members can express, test their skills, and also have fun!  

Sounds like something you’d like to be part of?

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