Here at IT Labs, we love journeys. Whether it’s the journey of an individual team member – professional or personal, or the ones we go on as a team, we always have fun. 

As a company, we’re flexible on how our employees work, in fact, we let them decide for themselves – you want to go to the office? Of course! You want to stay remote? That works just as fine. But in the end, that amazing together time we have when we’re all in one place is not something that can be easily recreated online, so we decided to bring the fun to them!  

How did we do that? With our ITL Caravan! An initiative through which team members from different cities gathered and went on trips around Macedonia and Serbia, going to cities where we have team members that work remotely, and spending the day together – working together, having lunch, hanging out! 

Our ITL Caravan went to Ohrid, Bitola, Kumanovo, Radovish, Kochani, Skopje, Belgrade, and Nish, all over the course of a few months, and the results? Well, we recorded the amazing time we had, and it’s all laid out for you to see. 

Scroll through the pics and enjoy!