Here at IT Labs, we appreciate a good developer or any other tech-related joke as much as anyone – even if it’s about all of us techies and all the funny jokes that come from “living the tech/developer way”. All of us here at IT Labs know what it means to walk the walk, but also laugh at the talk of our own ways – it’s how we bond, and it’s how IT Labbers nurture the values that we’ve built over the years.

Cue Vlad Ilich – a stand-up comedian who has already put smiles on many faces, and who came to us through his webcam to share his unique (but incredibly funny) view on the tech world, and of course – some of the other ones out there as well.

All in all, our face muscles and jaws hurt, and some of us even shed a tear or two (from laughing, of course!). Thank you very much, Vlad!