Hello friends,

I know we are all going through challenges in these disruptive and possibly concerning times.

Firstly I would like to send you wishes of wellness to you and your loved ones. I hope you are all keeping safe. Like you, I care deeply about my staff. I am proud of all of my teams, the leadership, developers, operations and all the other essential functions that we all too easily take for granted. They have been amazing troopers in handling the current situation, making the needed adjustments, with our productivity actually increasing!

In an effort to be proactive and valuable during this world pandemic, we asked ourselves what value could we contribute to our communities, in addition to what we are already doing. We realized that the distribution of our value could be even more comprehensive than what it is today. Instead of being communicated internally, with our clients, their customers, our advisers, investors, and partners, we could just share it with the world. To that regard, we put together a content force, comprised of members of the senior technical team who have started several new initiatives:

  • White papers, to be released as often as possible, featuring technical, operational and talent best practices.
  • PodcastCTO Confessions‘ led by our truly, agile coach, TC Gill, on varied subjects and guest to spark new thinking in the business and technological world.
  • Host webinars, moderated by TC Gill, inviting some of the most senior technical experts to talk about their lessons learned, and sharing their wisdom to the world.
  • Data-centric, pandemic-related projects, such as making delivering products/solutions to the community of developers, focused on solving real-life problems around the current and future pandemic.
  • Creating insightful newsletters, acting as an efficient vehicle to get this valuable content over to you regularly and promptly.

Our team did a fantastic job of coming up with ideas and content that can serve our community of technology leaders. I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience in handling many aspects of developing technology, platforms, processes, and even ventures. We’ve accumulated a lot of lessons learned (or, scars) that we are thrilled to share with the community of tech leaders in the hope that it assists you in your endeavours and challenges.

Talk to you soon!

Branislav ‘Banne’ Gjorcevski
CEO Of IT Labs