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Consultancy & Business Intelligence

We study the entire business model: goals, market, competition as well as other key elements when we design a product/solution. Then we find the best strategy to make it all work!

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Innovative Solutions Development

We provide enterprise-grade software development solutions utilizing process & test driven development, coding standards, passion and innovation. Our delivery is impeccable.

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Big Data & Data Science Solutions

IT Labs utilizes data and turns it into solutions that tell stories, generate smart results and decisions, and all of that in high performing, user friendly and great looking dashboards and visualizations.

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Why are we great?

  • Integrity

    Standing by your side every step of the way helping your business succeed is what keeps our joy going.

  • Expertise

    Delivering innovative solutions with impeccable quality utilizing best practices.

  • Global

    Global company, based in the States, helps expand your business with access to highest quality talent.

  • Cost-Effective

    Our services have the most competitive prices on the market for the quality of the services.

  • Adaptive

    Accommodative to your business utilizing tailored solutions. No resistance, pure acceleration.

  • I joined IT Labs 3 years ago as a software development intern and I could not have imagined just how good of an opportunity I was walking into. IT Labs allows me to maintain a great work / life balance. Our management always make themselves available for questions and insight. Overall, my team makes my job fun! If you want to work in good environment, you can join any place, but if you want to work in a great environment - this is the place.

    Aleksandra Vinokikj Back End Engineer
  • My internship as a quality assurance in the IT Labs company provided me the opportunity to learn the systematic process of preventing mistakes or defects in developing products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers. In the complete internship process I was mentored and I had a great experience to work with a team, which motivated me to have a progress in knowledge and to learn more and more. Today, after 3 years I still work in the IT Labs company and I love my job.

    Dijana Brlikj Quality Assurance Engineer
  • By attending the IT-Labs internship program, at a time when I was still undergoing my undergraduate studies, without a clear vision in which direction I want to develop my career, not only I got a chance to use my theoretical knowledge in practice, but I also had the opportunity to improve my skills and develop new ones I was not even aware of before. It was invaluable experience to use cutting-edge technologies on challenging projects, to be trained by great professionals who were willing to share their knowledge and all that combined with a sense of belonging to the team as an equal member. Already 3 years, IT-labs provides me truly remarkable and collaborative environment where passionate individuals work as one cohesive team. I really enjoy the trust and support I get from my colleagues. What I love the most is the corporate culture.

    Aleksandra Gjinovska Back End Engineer
  • I started working in this company as a QA intern in 2009 and got a permanent position three months later. As the company grew, new positions were available and I decided to apply for SSRS developer as database development was my main field of interest. The management gave me the opportunity to work on the new position and also invested in improving my skills and knowledge through courses. Now, almost 7 years later I'm working as DBA in the same company.

    Angela Trenchevska Project Manager
  • Very after my graduation, “ITLabs” was the company which provided me an opportunity to start my first working experience as internship quality assurance engineer. I was very pleased from the way “ITLabs” work with beginners. The company have a strongly structured way of working and motivate the beginners to learn and work in order to satisfy their position. When my internship finished I was hired as “Junior Quality Assurance” engineer. Through the period of working with professional meteors and teams I was growing with my knowledge more and more. IT Labs always gives a chance to their employees to improve their knowledge and because of that today I am still happy that IT Labs was my first working experience and still is, because after 4 and half years of working experience today I became Quality Assurance engineer capable to work independently my job always coordinating my dedicated team.

    Olgica Koceva Quality Assurance Engineer
  • The internship as a business analyst in IT Labs has provided me a significant opportunity to reflect all I had learned during academic studies in a practical setting. Being mentored throughout the way, helped me become a professional business analyst capable to assist clients into translating their business needs into a software solution.

    Tina Churlinovska Business Analyst
  • The internship as a software engineer in IT Labs gave me the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to a true engineering experience. The most important part of my internship was getting to spend time with experienced engineers and getting to perform real jobs with them on a daily basis. It gave me a lot of insight as to what it is really like in the .NET software engineering. Starting to apply these fundamentals as early as possible in my undergraduate career has provided me with the best academic experience possible.

    Bojan Stojkov Technical Lead
  • I have been using IT Labs since I first came up the concept for PopGrotto. After extensive talks and research, I partnered with them knowing that they would be a perfect fit for us. I have worked with other tech companies in the past and this is a completely different level to anything I have ever experienced. Their drive for perfection and attention to detail is a lifesaver, and they meet or beat their deadlines every time. My platform, PopGrotto would not be what it is without them and I can’t imagine a better partner.

    Chris Vranian, CEO, PopGrotto Collectibles & Media
  • I've worked with IT Labs for a long time, and even before now with many of the company people in a previous setting. The exceptional service, efficient delivery, and strength of building platforms is what made me think of them as a natural choice for my next project. All the staff have been great to work with, and especially important for us, transparent and willing to adapt to our method of development. I highly recommend them and would choose them as a partner again and again.

    JT Klepp, CEO, Codengo Mobile Apps & Services
  • IT Labs has been a great partner from the very beginning, providing us with a very cost-effective, high-quality service with amazing attention to detail.

    Eric Villines, VP of Global Marketing, WPS OFFICE / KINGSOFT Productivity Tools

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