In today’s world, we’re hell-bent on having the right information, and knowing the right things – especially when it comes to our health, whether it’s mental, physical, our habits – we know what needs to be done, but we don’t do it – why? 

This is how Dr. Aleksandar Mitov – a Master of Public Health, studying the environmental effects on people, while also working with patients helping them change their habits and lifestyle – started his incredible presentation with us at IT Labs, and we were hooked from the get-go. 

Knowing things doesn’t matter if we don’t have the self-motivation to actualize them and turn them into reality – we won’t lead healthy lives and have healthy habits if we don’t work on them. Dr. Mitov dived deep into how we can motivate ourselves, as this is a skill that we can learn. 

Dr. Aleksandar Mitov

Public Health Specialist

The amazing presentation was in three parts:

Part I

What is Self-motivation, what isn’t, and why is it important? 

Part II

The Three Sources of Self-motivation

Part III

Deeper and Practical Aspects of Self-motivation