The Digital Era is one of unprecedented change, disruption, and uncertainty.

Organizations need to learn how to survive and thrive, thus enabling organizational growth and inspiring top performance – or risk fading into obscurity and out of the market.
So sustainable growth and resilience are achievable – companies are already doing it – but how?
Through adaptation. Adapting to the one constant in today’s era – change. Changing environments, changing conditions, and learning new ways to be efficient in them.
In this webinar, you can learn how culture, flow, and inspiring leadership can be the fundamental pillars on which one can build truly resilient and sustainable organizations – through the minds of two exciting fellas who boast their fair share of experience in the world of IT and entrepreneurship.
IT Labs’ TC Gill as a host and Bard Papegaaij from Cycle to Accelerate as a guest speaker will dive deep into the subject, elaborating through experience and examples from theory.