The Overview 

Notting Hill Genesis (NHG), a leading London housing association, was looking to improve document management and compliance for its annual development program of 1,000 homes. The organization engaged IT Labs to create a Smart Information Management System, leveraging Microsoft technologies to create a single version of the truth accessible to all stakeholders. This collaboration aimed to address inefficiencies and compliance risks, setting a new standard for information management in NHG’s development team. 

The Challenge

The organization needed a comprehensive solution to: 

  • Centralise and streamline document management for accuracy and consistency. 
  • Ensure secure, accessible data storage for all stakeholders. 
  • Implement a robust naming and versioning protocol for documents. 
  • Automate the approval of critical project information at various stages. 

The Solution

IT Labs proposed a holistic Better Buildings Construction Library, focusing on creating a unified, user-friendly platform to eliminate existing bottlenecks. The solution was anchored in Microsoft’s ecosystem, chosen for its integration capabilities, security, and scalability. 

 Key Components and Technologies 

The system was developed with the use of Microsoft technologies:  

  • Azure DevOps – For project management, tracking, and repository services. 
  • Azure AD (Active Directory) – For secure user management and access control. 
  • Power Platform (PowerApps, Power Automate, Power BI) – To develop responsive applications, automate workflows, and enable data analytics. 
  • Microsoft Dataverse – For centralized data storage. 
  • SharePoint Online – For document management with enhanced version control. 

Implementation Strategy 

IT Labs deployed a multidisciplinary team consisting of a Technical Lead, Backend Engineer, QA Engineer, Business Analyst, and Project Manager. The team worked closely with the client from the initial phases, employing a Scrum methodology to ensure agility and responsiveness. The development process was enhanced with low-code platforms for rapid deployment and emphasized a user-centric design for ease of use. 

The Impact 

The Better Buildings Construction Library has transformed Notting Hill Genesis’s internal processes, delivering: 

  • Enhanced consistency and efficiency in document management. 
  • Improved compliance with regulatory standards. 
  • Reduced reliance on inefficient communication methods. 
  • Streamlined access to information for all stakeholders. 
  • Better project monitoring and data security. 

Dashboard – Overview

Document Creation and Categorization

Overview of Status and Priority