Embrace digital risk for resilience

We must accept that our digital security is not always watertight. There is an unfortunate probability in our digital world’s complexity, where some gates are left open to varying degrees. Doing business in the digital landscape causes us to at times even mistrust our own digital identities.

At the same time, the security risk mitigation yearly cycle becomes a risk-adaptive daily battle. The perimeter is not a fortress anymore, but it is scattered across our endpoints.

The solution is to embrace digital risk in real-time. Deploying security architectures as a continuous risk and trust assessment, thus staying resilient while delivering services.


Our unique capability is to deliver consulting services and technology solutions across mandates implemented holistically, thus elegantly solving risk puzzles.

Security Consulting

  • GAP Analysis​
  • Security Assessment
  • Risk Management​
  • Security Management System
  • Privacy and Regulatory Consulting
  • Audit
  • Training


  • Penetration Test ​
  • Social Engineering
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Container Security
  • EDR

Mandates & Standards

  • Privacy​
  • PCI
  • NIS2
  • ISO 27001/20000/22301​
  • CSF

Technology Solutions

If your technology cannot deliver what it promises, check whether it is delivered as a solution.

If you need more budget when you implement some security technology, check your maturity level, and leverage it through technology.

If your security technology solution has low value in supporting your business, check whether it is customized appropriately and integrated into your processes.

Asset Management

Fundamental to security is automatically monitoring all IT assets in a hybrid environment, thus creating a complete, categorized inventory.

Security Information and Event Management

Implementation of a Security Information and Event Management solution should alert you on the most suspicious events and then prioritize them. Thus directing limited security resources to the most critical actions.

Service Desk

The service desk has an overarching goal of improving incident response, monitoring, assessing events, and resolving problems effectively.

Database Auditing and Monitoring

Databases! Think of it like gold! The integrity of your data should be protected, as it is a prized target for cybercriminals. Attacks can lead to reputational damage and regulatory penalties.

Threat protection

Threat Intelligence in real-time dictates prioritization. It is the final variable in the risk management equation, i.e., solving 80% of the risks with 20% effort.

Data Leakage Protection

Embrace trust, but be aware as most knowledgeable attackers perform internal attacks. Imagine what they could do if they are malicious. The only solution is to recognize and stop misuses at the source.

Our Approach: Rethink your risk and security strategy

Everything in information security is about risk. Based on this premise, every element of our offering is delivered with

      • a long-term business strategy delivered through long term risk lifecycle management
      • security operations with real-time adaptive risk lifecycles.

If a client doesn’t require some specific consultancy, service, or technology-based solution, we recommend a two-phase risk-based approach on how to suit client requirements for security.

Long term risk lifecycle

Assess, Design, Build, Run

First, we offer a set of services from our security consulting capabilities. Based on risk and trust assessment, we offer a recommended security strategy and architecture that the company needs, all based on the risk profile and mandates.

As an output, we will recommend security architecture building blocks, i.e., consultancy services and technology solutions to design and deliver business objectives. Thus balancing the costs and benefits of managing risk.

Depending on the depth, details, and specific situation, the client may require aspects of our consultancy services like GAP analysis, security assessment, risk assessment, or data protection assessment. All finalized by delivering a comprehensive report outlining the findings.

If the client’s requirement is about a particular system, mandate, or standard, then the appropriate regulatory consultancy service is delivered along with training or comprehensive audit.

Services delivered with long-term risk mitigation goals in mind will produce recommendations and reports about systems that need to be introduced, controls implemented, or findings resolved.

Increased regulatory compliance within the public and private sector requires strong service and security policies, processes, and controls that force companies to adopt ICT based standards and frameworks to mitigate risks over the long term.

Implementation of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) is a systematic and sustainable approach to design information security processes and appropriately delegate accountabilities and responsibilities to risk/process owners. Very often, this ISMS relates and includes privacy and regulatory compliance requirements as specific aspects of implementation.

Real-time adaptive risk lifecycle

Detect, Protect, Monitor, Respond
All deliverables for long-term risk cycles are not a means to an end because they become effective only if they are operationalized in a production environment. Our unique value proposition is that, through our expertise, we know how to transition into a production security architecture through the services and technology solutions we offer:

      • Security Information and Event Management
      • Database Audit and Monitoring
      • Data Leakage Protection
      • Asset Management
      • Web Application Firewall
      • Penetration Testing
      • Vulnerability Assessment
      • Configuration Testing
      • Threat Protection

These solutions and services provide continuous visibility and adaptive risk assessment in real-time as a security platform for resilience.

Whatever is implemented is only sustainable if it improves over time. So we should always monitor, assess, and adjust our position by using the tools mentioned above. For example:

      • Risk and Compliance Assessment
      • Penetration Testing
      • Vulnerability Assessment
      • Configuration Testing
      • Threat Protection
      • Container Security

Through this, there is awareness of the changes in the environment, infrastructure, and threats; It establishes a data-driven risk decision-making cycle and ownership of what needs to be done.

Principle statements

Our principles in these risk lifecycles are comprehensive and consider the people, processes, and technology required. All to embrace digital risk exposure and manage them within defined risk tolerances.

Key resilience principle goals are to support business outcomes, protect the information flows, and assure risk-based decision making, rather than solely protect the infrastructure.

Our deliverables are designed to empower key IT service and security professionals to fully accept their accountabilities in a way that enables them to discharge their responsibilities completely.

Our holistic view of information systems and services creates a comprehensive scope of delivery – one that creates an internally correlated and fully compliant management system that breeds trust while supporting our client’s organization’s mission.

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