IT Labs was founded in Los Angeles in 2005 by three creative entrepreneurs. A tech guy, a sales guy, and a corporate guy. We started as a typical software outsourcing company providing technical resources to different organizations. A few years later, we added a product team in order to provide complete product lifecycle management, producing complete software products, from idea to product launch and maintenance.

As we were evolving, we decided to standardize our processes, implementing four ISO certificates for quality. This allowed us to guarantee our deliverables to our customers: on-time and on budget while delivering the highest quality product!

Today we are a global technology development company, driven by teams, process, and best practices, servicing many customers in different verticals and on three (3) different continents.



  • System Architecture Design and Integrations
  • Custom Software Solutions & Products
  • Website Design & Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Hosting & Support


  • Molding Next World-Class Talent [no exaggeration]


  • Technology Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Investments

Online promotion

  • SEO & Social Media
  • Paid Advertising
  • Content Aggregation & Creation


Integrity & Loyalty

Long-term client care is the number one priority at our company. We enjoy the time that we spend on projects. We are only interested in establishing business relationships with our clients/partners that involve a great deal of synergy and mutual success.

Complete life-cycle software development

Being a full-service technology development firm, we provide everything from idea and concept building to polished, high-quality products utilizing complete software life-cycle management. IT Labs’ core competencies are software development and technology consultancy. We build complete solutions from idea to implementation, maintenance, and support.

IT Labs’ Educational Lab

Sixty percent of our workforce is trained in-house. IT Labs’ Educational Lab is one of the most important parts of our intellectual power. It creates new experts with fresh and ambitious ideas. The goal of the lab is to educate the company’s future talent by perfecting their skill sets and understanding of corporate culture.

Worldwide presence

We currently have a presence on three (3) continents, and our footprint continues to grow internationally. We work with clients in different nations, cultural backgrounds, languages, and time zones.

Highly skilled professionals

Nurturing collaborative technology skill-sets and experience, from junior to senior levels, we strive for the highest results possible. We welcome self-managed, self-motivated, and open-minded professionals, who continuously grow and excel at what they do.

Diversified Experience

Many years of experience in a wide range of verticals including: financial services, legal, healthcare, education, real estate, entertainment, aerospace, media & advertising, and many more gives us the high level of business intelligence experience and know-how to be deployed for any project size and complexity in any industry.

Various methodologies supported

Using different methodologies such as: SCRUM, Test-Driven Development, Feature-Driven Development, and others, combined for per project needs, we utilize adaptive planning, bleeding edge development, and timely deliveries.

Flexible & Affordable

Being a hybrid company [on-shore, off-shore, and near-shore], we are able to provide the best of both worlds: quality and competitive pricing. With our flexible price tiers and distributed teams, we leverage the wealth of diversified knowledge and premium services on a very affordable budget.