Blockchain for recruiting, being on the bleeding edge

The Client

Caerus Connections™ allows job seekers and potential employers to find their ideal fit through a cost-effective platform that utilizes blockchain technology.

The Challenge

The recruiting industry as a whole has a lot of challenges. The question was, “how do we solve some of these immediate problems and utilize secure and transparent blockchain technology?”
Here are some of the challenges:

  • Expensive: on average, $4,000 per person is spent on the hiring process.
  • 83% of candidates consider their job search experience to be poor.
  • Greater than 45% of candidates never hear back from employers, with no idea what the status is of their application.
  • On average, 150 resumes are received per position, with most only viewed for 5-7 seconds.
  • 25% of all candidates are not a good long-term fit.

The Solution

We developed an affordable, scalable, and flexible recruiting solution with the following benefits:

  • Advanced candidate assessment to better ensure a good long-term fit.
  • Job board with comprehensive job postings.
  • Built on blockchain.

The Results

  • Saves employers $2,141 on average, per candidate.
  • Direct messaging between candidates and recruiters, improving communication.
  • Candidates’ search experiences are improved. Robust search options on the job board enable them to find and apply to those job postings which match them best, and they can see the status of each of their application.
  • Better long-term fit due to advanced candidate assessment.