Solving the global issue of asset mapping & management

The Client

SmartCSM is a SaaS company which provides clients with an application to manage their building infrastructure. SmartCSM’s clients are typically building facility managers and/or electrical VARs (value-added resellers.)

The Challenge

More times than not, once a building is finished, the documentation used to design it is stored in a backroom, only to be rarely accessed and never updated. This means any improvements/increased functionalities that can be achieved through new building related technologies or repairs are simply lost.

Truly not understanding how a building is wired, inter-associated, or altered can lead to catastrophic system failures, accidents, and even death. The net result can potentially cost facilities managers and building owners millions of dollars in shutdowns (lost revenues,) redundant repairs (fixing the same problem several times,) and fines/lawsuits (OSHA fines or criminal prosecution).

The Solution

The SmartCSM application is a data management solution, currently for electrical infrastructure, that is used in two different manners. First, it is used by facility managers to track and manage their electrical infrastructure, enabling them to understand the impact of shutting down specific electrical systems. Secondly, it is used by VARs to manage their direct clients’ electrical infrastructure.

The current system supports electricity and fuse panels, and it is planned in the future to expand to include HVAC, plumbing, data and security, low voltage, etc.

The Results

  • The system is intuitive and simple enough for most people to use, thereby creating a great user experience.
  • Requires no training and is built to address a facility manager’s day-to-day electrical needs.
  •  Helps facility managers move from paper and three-ring binders into simple, online as-builds for better building management.