What’s the one thing that we can pinpoint as the driver of a business? Is it just one? What are the things that help companies grow, underpinning all their efforts and ensuring seamless flow?

Is it a good product? Good processes? Proper methods?

Well, it’s all of the above, but the one thing that ensures that everything goes well is security. Why? Because all businesses are susceptible to breaches – some more, some less – but it’s the one thing that if it happens, it can harm the clients, the employees, and make a business seem unreliable.
In order to reduce the risks of becoming a victim of breaches, data theft, fraud, and other types of cybercrime, it’s essential that security principles and protocols are put in place.

But how does one go about it? Our Senior Security Officer, Tino Samardjioski, and our Chief Innovation Officer, Blagoj Kjupev, held a hybrid webinar in which they dived into the topic, covering the basics as well as going into details on how you can protect your business by setting up strong security principles.

Below, you can see the full agenda on what is covered in the webinar:

Information Security vs Cyber Security

The similarities and differences between the two, why this distinction is important, and the effect it has. An intro to the CIA Triad.

Data Protection

The perspective on data from a security point of view.

Challenges and Risks in Corporate Security

Different working models come with their own benefits, but also risks, such as: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), IoT, Remote Working, Visibility & Monitoring, Hybrid infrastructure.

Tools for Improving Cyber Security Hygiene

Some tools and policies that are essential for good cybersecurity hygiene such as asset discovery, MDM and MAM, Log management system (or SIEM), scanning for vulnerabilities, conditional access polices

Secure System Architecture and Engineering Principles

The process of adopting and implementing secure architecture principles and a security-focused design review process, and the criteria on which they need to be based.

Overall Network Diagram and Secure Points

The reality of firewall security and how the basics that need to be covered to be properly protected.

Inside Standard Firewall

The structure and elements of a standard firewall.

Secure Boot Overview and Building Root of Trust

The chain of events and processes that ensure that a piece of hardware of software is secure.

Full Boot Sequence

An end-to-end description of the process of booting up the secure boot functions.