Webinar #13: AI at the Edge with Chris Cope and Andrew Hurd from ‘Roedan’

The world of artificial intelligence is a never-ending fascination to all. This technological advance occurred in the 1950s and has been quietly gaining strength in software laboratories. There is no doubt about its potential impact on the future of virtually every industry and human being. Have you ever thought about how it might benefit everyday human life? Your life?

We here at IT Labs have decided to take a deep dive into an emerging subtopic in the field: AI at the Edge. This subfield is adding a new explosive dimension to the world of IoT. We love this subject’s potential, so much, we’ve invited some experts in the field to conduct a webinar for us on the subject with a real-life example of how it can be used now.

Chris Cope and Andrew Hurd from Roedan, a company specializing in embedded system design, demonstrated real-life use case and implementation. We dived into the intriguing world of Edge AI with our two guests, discussing the potential upsides of this technology (there are many) through a facial recognition system demonstration with a proof–of–concept implementation.

Topics covered in the session were:

• What is AI at the Edge?
• The financial savings
• The security benefits
• The future course of AI

The first 30 minutes was a presentation by Chris Cope and Andrew Hurd from ‘Roedan’, followed by a Q&A session where the guests joined the discussion.

Date: April 29th 2021

Our Guests: Chris Cope and Andrew Hurd