IT Labs’ strategy is cloud-first! Our cloud offering covers the full spectrum: project planning, solution design, infrastructure implementation, infrastructure testing, DevOps, maintenance and support.

Cloud Solutions is an on-demand service with many benefits that include increased capacity, scalability, functionality, reduced maintenance, reduced cost of IT infrastructure and minimal in-house staff to maintain said infrastructure. IT Labs helps organizations to develop their cloud strategy by transforming their current services and products to the cloud, including establishing cloud-based foundations for new business requirements.

Cloud Solutions also ensures considerable benefits to the customer by offering responsiveness towards changing customer business requirements, with almost instant availability of resources and systems whenever they are needed. With the added benefit of providing universal access anytime, anyplace, anywhere. This business agility means not only the ability to spin up new services but also giving them elasticity, making them easier to scale up fast. This is a huge competitive advantage for companies that have cyclic peaks in usage and rapidly changing business requirements. Moving to Cloud Services does not come without challenges. It requires careful and customer-specific approaches in planning and management. Each customer has different business goals, parameters and objectives that require very specific solutions.

By collaborating closely with our clients, IT Labs evaluates which applications, using on-premise data centres, can be replaced with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This may involve applications being refactored or rebuilt, for optimal cloud-based implementations. IT Labs can do all this for you, helping clients prepare for cost-effective migrations and implementations, thus ensuring long-term sustainable cloud strategies. We also go beyond supporting internal applications by proactively defining and introducing services that can help clients’ digital interaction with the end customer. In short, IT Labs is a valuable partner in your digital transformation journey and implementation of its Cloud Strategy.

IT Labs understands the risks and challenges involved in conducting and implementing cloud based strategies, with special attention given to the following areas:

  • Data Security

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Technology Compatibility and third-party dependencies

Getting ahead of the competition with IT Labs is achieved by:

Understanding the need

Evaluate the current cloud/IT capacity, in relation to the organisation's operational processes, current technology in use and become aware of its readiness-state to be moved into the cloud.

Defining the strategic targets

KPIs and targets being set based on parameters such as security, governance, organisational processes and classification of technology being used.

Gap analysis

Define the tactical approach to understand key cloud adoption capabilities required to achieve business objectives.

Plan and initiate

Plan Strategic milestones with priorities that will result in the delivery of the desired business strategy.


Achieve the results through short iterations of sensing and adapting. Measuring KPIs against set goals and adjusting design and implementation accordingly.

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