The Client

Growth Instruments (GI) develops white-label Human Capital Management technology (HCM), used by companies for their internal HCM platforms. GI also provides consulting services for companies that want to productize and digitalize their intellectual property (IP). Thus turning their IP into a business model and taking the company globally. It started as a unique LMS for the beauty and cosmetics industry, and it quickly turned into a complete employee lifecycle management platform.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge GI faced was to create a platform that would:

  • Be highly customizable for each customer, including their workflow.
  • Onboard a new customer within a matter of hours.
  • Have hybrid multi-tenancy architecture.
  • Have a reusable codebase.
  • The ability to easily maintain the codebase, and upgrades automatically, without impacting other modules.
  • Have a much-reduced hosting cost.

The Solution

The platform has the following characteristics:

  • Node.js, Angular, and .Net Core, enabling hosting in a Linux environment.
  • Each module has its database, communicating with the core via API, and each module communicating with other modules via an API.
  • Usage of best cloud and DevOps practices, docker, and microservices.
  • Usage of continuous deployment, allowing for seamless upgrades which are semi-automated.

The Results

A platform which:

  • Reduces hosting costs via a Linux environment.
  • Increases flexibility and other benefits due to the separation of modules.
  • It is ready to accommodate and automate any internal process or intellectual property.
  • Allows businesses to grow their revenues rapidly without a large overhead