7 Vital Lessons I learned as a CTO – Some steps to make life easier as a tech leader (Life’s complicated enough)

Our guest Felix Hovsepian, a veteran CTO, shares some vital lessons garnered from his work as a tech leader. While these 7 vital tips are pure gold for new and aspiring CTOs, there is also much here for existing CTOs to chew on as well.

We will cover subjects such as AI & ML, with particular emphasis on the outcomes this newfangled technology can create. More importantly, we’ll discuss the risks surrounding new technology meeting the needs of humanity. The current risks around this technology are rarely futuristic (e.g., Terminator). Instead, we can be naively seduced by what seem to be benign technologies permeating all areas of our lives and societies, mistakenly concluding they will be harmless. Felix and podcast host TC explore the risks as tech leaders, discuss where caution is needed, and Felix provides tips to mitigate the dangers surrounding it.

Key takeaways from the Webinar are:

• A CTO is a leadership role, not a management role.
• Business is about people, be they within the organization or outside it.
• Commercial R&D is notoriously difficult, and not just related to technology — it requires a team with just the right mix of knowledge, experience, and interdisciplinary ability.
• Awareness of risks, particularly human-centric ones, when introducing new technologies (AI/ML)

The first 40 minutes are a presentation by Felix Hovsepian, followed by a Q&A session where the guests join the discussion.

Date of webinar: December 17th, 2020
Time: 08:00am PST |11:00am EST | 16:00 GMT |17:00 CET

Our Guest: Felix Hovsepian