The Client

Emergenetics is an organizational development and consulting company. They are dedicated to realizing the potential of people in organizations, schools, or at home. Based out of North America, the company also operates in Asia and Europe. Their work includes an assessment process that helps businesses and individuals realize their potential. Each person who goes through the assessment process receives their own Emergenetics Profile. Emergenetics has certified distributors (associates) who are certified in interpreting the profile of their clients and providing insight into their thinking/behavioural attributes.

The Challenge

As an international company, Emergenetics works with a lot of clients. They had a system that was outdated and partially implemented, generating very high overhead. In order to grow quickly, they needed a new, modern platform that would automate their existing processes for all of their representatives around the world.

The Solution

We used an existing product, Growth Instruments, as the core of the new Emergenetics platform. It’s built with the latest technologies and has a modern, mobile UI. Using the new platform, Emergenetics was able to close the loop on many processes and reduce their overhead, running their entire operation from their headquarters in Denver, CO. The loops they were able to close are:

  • Manage their key people and country representatives.
  • Manage associates and track their performances worldwide, across regions.
  • Certify new associates using certification projects, courses, and roadmaps.
  • Training associates with unique testable knowledge-based courses, thus keeping their knowledge up-to-date and relevant.
  • Create projects and set deliverables, payments, and shipping.
  • Manage orders and contracts.
  • Provide associates with many tools for managing their participants and profiles.
  • Provide participants with unique learning paths and journey maps to keep them engaged.
  • Enable participants to connect with each other and share their profiles.

The Results

  • A step in the right direction towards complete automation of their process.
  • Reduced overhead.
  • Global expansion without increase in the overhead.
Live Preview