Have you invested a ton in Agile? HUGE amounts of investment, and not seeing the financial return? At the same time, you see disruption on the horizon. You know that you need your business to adapt and respond.

Our Business Agility Transformation Catalyst program will help you get the best out of your Agile transformation investment and create an adaptive organization.

Our clients achieve:

  • Clear outcomes

  • An adaptive organization

  • With financial benefits

Who it’s for

Business Agility Transformation Catalyst is for you if your company has invested in improving delivery, but not seeing those improvements reflected in your financials.

We know small teams are starting to deliver the promise of results at the delivery end (Agile), but the rest of the organization is hitting a painful wall.

Why is it important

Your organization can only be as agile as the least agile part of the organization. We work in collaboration with you to release the organization from these constraints.

The Agile Delivery layer of your organization is aware of the need for this change, but are constrained by the dominating layers of the organization.

Without joined-up thinking for these two layers, your organization is unable to sense and adapt to internal and external changes. It falls to the mercy of chance and historical success to survive.

Common characteristics are:

  • The business and delivery teams are not in sync, thus showing up as contention and conflicting priorities.
  • Execution doesn’t meet the strategy.
  • It’s hard to know when to pivot, and hard to implement a pivot even when you do know.

Where the two worlds meet, we work to transform the cross-boundary working to achieve shared goals.

Today’s organizations reside in a VUCA world and need agility to survive at all layers. Without it, the chances of survival are bleak.

How do we achieve agility for your organization

Key Ares we focus on

We have a toolbox of approaches that focus on the key areas that will create an adaptive organization. Areas of focus are:

  • Operations
  • Innovation
  • Finance

We address these through working on:

  • Structure
  • Culture
  • Processes

The threads underlying all of this

Weaving through all the work we do with our clients is:

  • Optimization
  • Collaboration


To become an agile, adaptive organization, you’ll need help. Our team will evaluate your current position and capabilities and identify areas where your practices can be optimized to increase throughput, raise employee productivity, engagement, and deliver stunning results. We partner with you to build internal competencies to sustain the change.


Your business benefits from a passionate, empowered workforce. However, is their work aligned with your growth ambitions? Are you fostering a highly-collaborative working environment that encourages discovery, self-organization, and agility across every single business function? Collaboration is the key. Collaboration internally and externally to your organization.

What we offer to achieve this

Our offering gravitates around tearing down old dysfunctional processes, structures, and mechanisms (ONLY where applicable), while implementing organizational enhancing ones that improve the financial numbers with tightly coupled, highly functional culture.

We have a wide range of skills and expertise to deliver your desired outcome. Some of these are:

  • Agile training

    • Agile delivery and Leadership Agility
  • Business Agility Workshops, for example:

    • Agile for HR
    • Beyond Budgeting (Agile Finance)
    • Designing your org structure
  • Coaching 1:1 to senior leadership

    • Help leaders apply new ways of working to real-life goals.
    • A regular cadence of sessions to work through challenges that emerge.
  • Coaching teams

    • Coach Senior leadership and delivery teams.
    • Adhoc Workshops to address and solve impediments the organization is experiencing as they emerge.

What if

Not creating an organization that can sense and adapt, and not addressing the speed of change In your organization (internally and externally) is a risk that the business cannot ignore. There are endless examples of many organizations that have already suffered from the blind spots that emerge from this.

We work with you to get full awareness and driven forward-moving action towards your outcome of an agile, adaptive organization.

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