Since 2005 we’ve been focusing on one single goal, making our client’s product & business successful.

During that time, IT Labs has accumulated a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills that help produce our high-performing true teams. Teams collaborate and create solutions that deploy the best practices, highest standards, and utilize the latest and greatest technologies. From large enterprise organizations to small startups, IT Labs has built solutions for any project size, any complexity, and in many different industries.


Iterative and continuous


Iterative development is the way agile teams handle and process changing information throughout the project lifecycle. Iterations, or sprints, fight both market and technical uncertainties by delivering technical solutions with the best possible approach. This results in frequently delivering a minimum viable product (MVP). The MVP development allows the release of a product that can be continuously improved by validating assumptions and learning what users want from the product. The MVP also sets the stage for future iterations of development and clarifies the sequential steps that are to be taken in the project – whether that’s changing directions entirely or continuing with the defined product roadmap.

We have adopted Scrum methodology for delivering software solutions to our customers, taking into account the fast changing and dynamic technology nowadays.

During the development phase the following activities are covered:

  • Sprint planning
  • Development
  • Writing test cases
  • Executing automated and manual tests
  • Deployments
  • Monitoring, reporting, and risk management
  • Demos
  • Backlog grooming
  • Writing user stories for upcoming sprints
  • Meetings and communication with all stakeholders
  • Retrospective meetings
  • Release notes
  • Change management


Each release consists of sprints. Based upon the defined milestone for release and the work needed to achieve it, the number of sprints and release date are determined. Inputs are collected from end-users, client, the team, managers, and executives, and as such are communicated to the product owner. A product backlog is created, and features/functionalities are divided into sprints. Sprint planning is made with the team, from which the Sprint Backlog is created.

Effective sprint planning and the quality in implementation and deliverables are based on “Definition of Done” for implementations, acceptance, documentation, and deployment solution.

Also, code quality is leveraged with the following steps: Extensible Architecture, Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development, Refactoring, and Pair Work on Codeviews. The entire team commits the sprint deliverables.


Purpose – driven​

Vision and mission of the company with the main purpose for achieving the goal is the key motivator of the team. ​

True Performing Teams​

We are all people. We love to be part of a team/community and share our values with others. That’s how we love to work as a team. So we do it for you.


Best practices process is in place for self-management and best possible performance with no complexities.

Performance Guaranteed​

We guarantee our deliverables: on time, on budget and highest quality possible, so you can control the product, not the development.

Challenges solved

Risk Management

By acting as the tech advisor, partner, and boots on the ground in each phase of the project, IT Labs assess and manages risk to a minimum. Such as: prevent poor investments in IP, assessing REAL costs and RISKS of technology merger/integration, assessing the actual ongoing cost post M&A, among other risk areas.


We provide on-demand, scalable talent in Team-as-a-service (TaaS) offering. IT Labs employs, trains, and, nurtures best in class talent. Scaling talent on-demand allows organizations to reduce overhead by having flexible burn-rate.

Cost management challenges

Majority of the products fail because they run out of money before they gain real traction. Majority of the budget for tech-oriented organization goes to development and if organizations are able to tap into cost-effective high-quality talent right from the start the budgets secure Go-To Market strategy.

Time management challenges

Organizations spend tremendous time in acquiring talent when the focus should be innovation and market growth.

New Product or transforming a product

Competitive Advantage

Integrity & Loyalty​

Long-term client care is the number one priority at our company. We enjoy the time that we spend on projects. We are only interested in establishing business relationships with our clients/partners that involve a great deal of synergy and mutual success.

Highly skilled professionals​

Nurturing collaborative technology skill-sets and experience, from junior to senior levels, we strive for the highest results possible. We welcome self-managed, self-motivated, open-minded professionals that continuously grow and excel at what they do.

Various methodologies supported​

Using different methodologies such as: SCRUM, Test-Driven Development, Feature-Driven Development, and others, combined for per project needs, we utilize adaptive planning, bleeding edge development and timely deliveries.

Worldwide presence​

We currently have a presence on three continents and our footprint continues to grow, internationally. We work with clients in different nations, cultural backgrounds, languages and time zones.

Complete life-cycle software development​ 

Being a full-service technology development firm, we provide everything from idea and concept building, to polished, high-quality products utilizing complete software life-cycle management. Additional wording: IT Labs’ core competencies are software development and technology consultancy. We build complete solutions from idea to implementation, maintenance, and support.

Diversified Experience​

Many years of experience in a wide range of verticals including: financial services, legal, healthcare, education, real estate, entertainment, aero- space, media & advertising, and many more, gives us the high level of business intelligence experience and know-how to be deployed for any project size and complexity in any industry.

IT Labs’ Educational Lab

Sixty percent of our workforce is trained in-house. IT Labs’ Educational Lab is one of the most important parts of our intellectual power. It creates new experts with fresh and ambitious ideas. The goal of the lab is to educate the company’s future talent by perfecting their skill-sets and under- standing of the corporate culture.

Flexible & Affordable​

Being a hybrid company [on-shore, off-shore and near-shore], we are able to provide the best of both worlds, quality and competitive pricing. With our flexible price tiers and distributed teams, we leverage the wealth of diversified knowledge and premium services on a very affordable budget.

Valuable and tailored to your needs

Your team

  • Team with established process to deliver quality​
  • Talent with at least 5 years of experience​
  • Cultural fit and ready to start​
  • Hand-picked and trained in-house​
  • Team size/type/structure tailored to your needs​
  • The team wears your company’s jersey​

Covered by IT Labs 

  • Hand-picking, Onboarding & Training​
  • Skills & Experience​
  • Benefits, Vacations, Time Off​
  • Know-how transfer​
  • Pampering​

Full Flexibility

We can be whatever you want us to be.​

Scale up your team in record time when deadlines are tight.​

Scale down with ease when the workload is reduced.

Teams can interact directly with your customers under your label.

Keep them behind the scenes.

Teams can come to your place ​of work, on-site.

Be on another continent.

Cost-effective and adequate team

Project Manager

Technical Leads

Developers (Front End and Back End)

Quality Assurance Engineers

Business Analyst


  • Having the right expertise at the right time.​
  • The team is always matching the requirements.​
  • Development environment, issue tracking, project management, adequate servers is in our hands.​

Remote but directly and with personal interaction​

  • We are remote team but still works with you directly. ​
  • Our team has own manager, but you have the final say.​
  • We are not in-house but enable personal interaction with each team member.
  • With us you have all the control but without draining your resources.

Team Types

Dedicated long-term teams

As part of your organization, we provide reliable, high-performing teams that are process driven, self-motivated and experienced.

Innovation-as-a-service (IaaS)

Utilizing our complete product development life cycle process, we help develop innovative solutions for mature companies or startups.

Digital transformation

Aligning the revenue strategy, business model, short-term and long-term goals, we help companies establish suitable digital transformation and process-optimization.

When is the right time to choose us?​

You have:

  • Technology gaps.​
  • Complex procurement.
  • Need for expertise. ​
  • Need for diverse skills.​
  • The number of your new projects is increasing.​
  • The size of the current project exceeds the in-house team.
  • Limited budget to expand the team.
  • Limited time for administration and recruitment. ​

Case study – one of our clients

Before working with us:​

  • Building the platform started by engaging a lot of freelancers from around the world.
  • Requirements were communicated by the product owner directly to the developers.
  • Code quality was very diverse.​
  • The product architecture wasn’t adequate for a large scale platform.​
  • Deliveries weren’t occurring on schedule.​
  • QA activities were limited.​
  • Hundreds of bugs in production.
  • New requirements weren’t quickly implemented nor with good quality.

As a result, the promises made by our client’s sales team could not always be implemented on time and with decent quality. 


  • Central technical hub guiding the architecture and coordinating the proper scaling of the app.
  • Requirements were communicated and decided from the product owner and our Business Analyst. ​
  • Dedicated QA team.
  • Dedicated team of experts.
  • Weekly deliveries and on schedule.​
  • No high bugs on production.​
  • Software development processes and best practices applied.​
  • Implementing features.

Sales team aligned with the development team. 



Our cloud offering covers the full spectrum: project planning, solution design, infrastructure implementation, infrastructure testing, DevOps, maintenance and support.


Through our DevOps Services, we partner with clients in achieving greater business agility and faster time to market by eliminating bottlenecks in software development.

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence is now present in almost every industrybringing benefits to the businesses that decided to accept it.​ 

Digital Strategy

Business and technical consultants with in-depth knowledge in your field can take an objective and holistic approach, advising, proposing, and implementing strategies and solutions for your success.

Business Agility Transformation Catalyst

Our Business Agility Transformation Catalyst program will help you get the best out of your Agile transformation investment and create an adaptive organization.


In a rapidly evolving world, blockchain technology is a perfect fit to revolutionize the nature of the global economy and redefine organizations.