Building the next generation Student Lifecycle Management system

The Client

Campus Management, which acquired Education Partners in September 2018, is leading the charge to help higher education institutions simplify the enrollment and financial aid processes. Using a cloud-based platform, their easy-to-use software tools help clients automate their enrollment, financial aid, and verification workflows, thereby giving them more time to focus on students.

The Challenge

Campus Management’s existing solution was mainly focused on the admissions and academic parts of education, with limited financial aid support. They were looking for a financial aid solution with which to integrate, while improving their financial aid domain knowledge and offering a better solution for clients.

The Solution

Education Partners and their IT Labs team were the perfect fit for Campus Management’s needs. They had an existing financial aid product used by many clients, domain knowledge which Campus Management was seeking, well-defined processes, and vision for the future. Their experience and well-organized team helped Campus Management to easily adapt to the new environment, while establishing a firm relationship and contributing to build a better overall product.

The Results

  • Is integrating Education Partner’s financial aid product for Campus Management.
  • Is sharing ideas and collaborating daily with Campus Management, leading to a better product.
  • Has built a new verification product from scratch.