Webinar: DevOps - Resilient Transformation with Manoj Khanna

As a tech leader, you may get the feeling that DevOps has yet more to offer? Well, IT Labs Chief methodologists Manoj Khanna, an expert in this arena, has presented a Webinar, that can give you important insights on DevOps in the context of creating resilient transformation.

Key takeaways from the Webinar are:

• How to create resilient Transformation through DevOps?
• How to address the challenges of DevOps transformation?
• How to enable business success through DevOps?

Webinar: The echo of abilities, which is louder (Nurture or Nature)

Nature or Nurture? Which one makes you, you! Most importantly, the future you! That is the question that IT Labs Chief Human Resources Officer and Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology, Frosina Zafirovska, works to answer in her presentation.

Key takeaways from the Webinar are:

• What impact does each (nature or nurture) have on you?

• Insights into how we can break self-limiting beliefs.

• Science and tips on how to create high-performance skills and abilities for work and life.

A business analyst walks into a Bar full of Tech Leaders

  • What is a BA – what they do, and don’t they do?
  • Can a BA act as a product manager?
  • The client already has a BA; why would the software team recommend their own as well?

These are some of the intriguing questions answered by Erin Traeger, Senior Business Analyst at IT Labs, on this Webinar.

Webinar: E-Commerce search journey (Build vs. Buy)

Eugene Kovshilovsky

Sr. Vice President of Software Engineering at CarParts.com

Webinar: E-Commerce search journey (Build vs. Buy)

Eugene Kovshilovsky, Senior Vice President of Software engineering, has been through the cycle of creating eCommerce search technology several times for some very prestigious enterprises. These include Go Daddy and now CarParts.com. In the Webinar, Eugene answers the question: “When Tech Leaders are solving a business problem with a technology solution, is it better to build it or buy it?”

Eugene shares his insights into how he tackled some major challenges to improve US Auto Parts complex eCommerce Search customer experience to find the right part (on the front end) while managing millions of SKUs on the backend.

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and choosing the wrong path, but the right path for the right time. You may decide that you want to build something because you think that it’s the right approach, and then as the industry or your market matures, you may decide that you want to swap it out for something more robust.”

Key points covered in the Webinar are:

  • How to overcome the difficulty of building complex search engines for eCommerce sites?
  • Why it’s important to get people on board with previous experience?
  • Do you build it from scratch or buy it?

TLDR: straight to the point (quick links)

We all live busy lives, and sometimes a long webinar is too much of a time-footprint for our busy schedules. So to help you get to the bit you’re more interested in, use our table of contents below. Quick links to help you get straight to the point.

“One of my strong beliefs is following the Sun, and having globally distributed software engineering teams. For me, that’s really important because you get to have a little bit more flexibility in culture, allowing for very diverse and different thinking. It also allows you to troubleshoot and support your users throughout the globe. Many [eCommerce sites] have users in any and every continent and country. So having a globally distributed team allows for having somebody that is not just picking up the phone and answering you as a tech-support person, but going a step further and providing you [with] a world-class engineer who will solve your problems right there and then.”

Do you need help with E-Commerce or search engines?
Reach out to us.

Webinar: Stay secure with OAuth 2.0

How can CTOs, engineers, and developers help keep us safe and secure, protecting our data from online bandits? Here’s your chance to learn how data can stay protected.

Blagoja Panovski, a Software Architect at IT Labs, presents a Webinar on the subject and how OAuth 2.0 can support it.

Key points that are covered by Blagoja are:

  • How to expose an API securely?
  • How can applications access my data without giving away my password?
  • What is the open standard OAuth 2.0 all about?

Webinar: Creating Structural Agility with Living Systems

On this Webinar, Jardena London, and Sally Breyley Parker, both highly experienced transformation consultants, present a fascinating topic.

From the Webinar, you will learn:

  • What is the definition and principles of Structural Agility?
  • What is a Living System?
  • How does a Living System create Structural Agility?
  • What are the main structural tensions of a Living System?

How Blockchain can unify the chains in supply chain?

“How Blockchain can unify the chains in supply-chain?”

In this Webinar, TC Gill facilitates a discussion on this topical and exciting subject with IT Labs CTO, Blagoj Janev. The presentation answers the following questions:

  • Do you know what the process is for transforming raw materials into valuable customer products?
  • Are the supply chains broken and can software architecture help in unifying the supply chain through information sharing?
  • Can Blockchain as a technology, help with all these?

Watch and learn!

Multi tenant approach (Webinar with Ilija Mishov)

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from Ilija Mishov, the Co-Founder of IT Labs. In this Webinar, Ilija shares his wisdom on the subject “Best practices: Multi-tenant approach”. 

Key takeaways from the Webinar:

  • What is tenancy and why the multi-tenant approach is important?
  • Where it’s applicable (use cases and scenarios).
  • A demonstration of the multi-tenancy.