Corporate Security: Strong Security Principles Supported by Proper HW Setup

What’s the one thing that we can pinpoint as the driver of a business? Is it just one? What are the things that help companies grow, underpinning all their efforts and ensuring seamless flow?

Is it a good product? Good processes? Proper methods?

Well, it’s all of the above, but the one thing that ensures that everything goes well is security. Why? Because all businesses are susceptible to breaches – some more, some less – but it’s the one thing that if it happens, it can harm the clients, the employees, and make a business seem unreliable.
In order to reduce the risks of becoming a victim of breaches, data theft, fraud, and other types of cybercrime, it’s essential that security principles and protocols are put in place.

But how does one go about it? Our Senior Security Officer, Tino Samardjioski, and our Chief Innovation Officer, Blagoj Kjupev, held a hybrid webinar in which they dived into the topic, covering the basics as well as going into details on how you can protect your business by setting up strong security principles.

Below, you can see the full agenda on what is covered in the webinar:

Information Security vs Cyber Security

The similarities and differences between the two, why this distinction is important, and the effect it has. An intro to the CIA Triad.

Data Protection

The perspective on data from a security point of view.

Challenges and Risks in Corporate Security

Different working models come with their own benefits, but also risks, such as: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), IoT, Remote Working, Visibility & Monitoring, Hybrid infrastructure.

Tools for Improving Cyber Security Hygiene

Some tools and policies that are essential for good cybersecurity hygiene such as asset discovery, MDM and MAM, Log management system (or SIEM), scanning for vulnerabilities, conditional access polices

Secure System Architecture and Engineering Principles

The process of adopting and implementing secure architecture principles and a security-focused design review process, and the criteria on which they need to be based.

Overall Network Diagram and Secure Points

The reality of firewall security and how the basics that need to be covered to be properly protected.

Inside Standard Firewall

The structure and elements of a standard firewall.

Secure Boot Overview and Building Root of Trust

The chain of events and processes that ensure that a piece of hardware of software is secure.

Full Boot Sequence

An end-to-end description of the process of booting up the secure boot functions.

Rest Assured: A Crash Course Into Java's Library for testing RESTful Web Services with Sanja Paskova

Transformation, Culture, Flow and Leadership in the Digital Era

The Digital Era is one of unprecedented change, disruption, and uncertainty.

Organizations need to learn how to survive and thrive, thus enabling organizational growth and inspiring top performance – or risk fading into obscurity and out of the market.
So sustainable growth and resilience are achievable – companies are already doing it – but how?
Through adaptation. Adapting to the one constant in today’s era – change. Changing environments, changing conditions, and learning new ways to be efficient in them.
In this webinar, you can learn how culture, flow, and inspiring leadership can be the fundamental pillars on which one can build truly resilient and sustainable organizations – through the minds of two exciting fellas who boast their fair share of experience in the world of IT and entrepreneurship.
IT Labs’ TC Gill as a host and Bard Papegaaij from Cycle to Accelerate as a guest speaker will dive deep into the subject, elaborating through experience and examples from theory.

Webinar: AI at the Edge with Chris Cope and Andrew Hurd

Webinar #13: AI at the Edge with Chris Cope and Andrew Hurd from ‘Roedan’

The world of artificial intelligence is a never-ending fascination to all. This technological advance occurred in the 1950s and has been quietly gaining strength in software laboratories. There is no doubt about its potential impact on the future of virtually every industry and human being. Have you ever thought about how it might benefit everyday human life? Your life?

We here at IT Labs have decided to take a deep dive into an emerging subtopic in the field: AI at the Edge. This subfield is adding a new explosive dimension to the world of IoT. We love this subject’s potential, so much, we’ve invited some experts in the field to conduct a webinar for us on the subject with a real-life example of how it can be used now.

Chris Cope and Andrew Hurd from Roedan, a company specializing in embedded system design, demonstrated real-life use case and implementation. We dived into the intriguing world of Edge AI with our two guests, discussing the potential upsides of this technology (there are many) through a facial recognition system demonstration with a proof–of–concept implementation.

Topics covered in the session were:

• What is AI at the Edge?
• The financial savings
• The security benefits
• The future course of AI

The first 30 minutes was a presentation by Chris Cope and Andrew Hurd from ‘Roedan’, followed by a Q&A session where the guests joined the discussion.

Date: April 29th 2021

Our Guests: Chris Cope and Andrew Hurd

Webinar: GDPR Privacy and Security with Goran Chamurovski

Webinar: GDPR Privacy and Security – How to Fix the Broken Value Chain with Goran Chamurovski

As varied as tech leaders’ roles are, there’s one topical water that all are swimming in: Privacy and security. And those waters can be murky!

Not to worry, we’ve brought in security expert Goran Chamurovski to share his deeper-than-deep understanding of GDPR.

Key topics we’ll cover:
• How to reconcile security and privacy with the business benefit
• How GDPR intends to force this through the regulation
• How we can fix the broken value chain

The first 30 minutes is a presentation by Goran Chamurovski, followed by a Q&A session where the guests joined the discussion.

Date: February 11th 2021

Our Guest: Goran Chamurovski

Webinar: 7 Vital Lessons I learned as a CTO with Felix Hovsepian

7 Vital Lessons I learned as a CTO – Some steps to make life easier as a tech leader (Life’s complicated enough)

Our guest Felix Hovsepian, a veteran CTO, shares some vital lessons garnered from his work as a tech leader. While these 7 vital tips are pure gold for new and aspiring CTOs, there is also much here for existing CTOs to chew on as well.

We will cover subjects such as AI & ML, with particular emphasis on the outcomes this newfangled technology can create. More importantly, we’ll discuss the risks surrounding new technology meeting the needs of humanity. The current risks around this technology are rarely futuristic (e.g., Terminator). Instead, we can be naively seduced by what seem to be benign technologies permeating all areas of our lives and societies, mistakenly concluding they will be harmless. Felix and podcast host TC explore the risks as tech leaders, discuss where caution is needed, and Felix provides tips to mitigate the dangers surrounding it.

Key takeaways from the Webinar are:

• A CTO is a leadership role, not a management role.
• Business is about people, be they within the organization or outside it.
• Commercial R&D is notoriously difficult, and not just related to technology — it requires a team with just the right mix of knowledge, experience, and interdisciplinary ability.
• Awareness of risks, particularly human-centric ones, when introducing new technologies (AI/ML)

The first 40 minutes are a presentation by Felix Hovsepian, followed by a Q&A session where the guests join the discussion.

Date of webinar: December 17th, 2020
Time: 08:00am PST |11:00am EST | 16:00 GMT |17:00 CET

Our Guest: Felix Hovsepian

Webinar: DevOps - Resilient Transformation with Manoj Khanna

As a tech leader, you may get the feeling that DevOps has yet more to offer? Well, IT Labs Chief methodologists Manoj Khanna, an expert in this arena, has presented a Webinar, that can give you important insights on DevOps in the context of creating resilient transformation.

Key takeaways from the Webinar are:

• How to create resilient Transformation through DevOps?
• How to address the challenges of DevOps transformation?
• How to enable business success through DevOps?

Webinar: The echo of abilities, which is louder (Nurture or Nature)

Nature or Nurture? Which one makes you, you! Most importantly, the future you! That is the question that IT Labs Chief Human Resources Officer and Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology, Frosina Zafirovska, works to answer in her presentation.

Key takeaways from the Webinar are:

• What impact does each (nature or nurture) have on you?

• Insights into how we can break self-limiting beliefs.

• Science and tips on how to create high-performance skills and abilities for work and life.

A business analyst walks into a Bar full of Tech Leaders

  • What is a BA – what they do, and don’t they do?
  • Can a BA act as a product manager?
  • The client already has a BA; why would the software team recommend their own as well?

These are some of the intriguing questions answered by Erin Traeger, Senior Business Analyst at IT Labs, on this Webinar.

Webinar: E-Commerce search journey (Build vs. Buy)

Eugene Kovshilovsky

Sr. Vice President of Software Engineering at

Webinar: E-Commerce search journey (Build vs. Buy)

Eugene Kovshilovsky, Senior Vice President of Software engineering, has been through the cycle of creating eCommerce search technology several times for some very prestigious enterprises. These include Go Daddy and now In the Webinar, Eugene answers the question: “When Tech Leaders are solving a business problem with a technology solution, is it better to build it or buy it?”

Eugene shares his insights into how he tackled some major challenges to improve US Auto Parts complex eCommerce Search customer experience to find the right part (on the front end) while managing millions of SKUs on the backend.

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and choosing the wrong path, but the right path for the right time. You may decide that you want to build something because you think that it’s the right approach, and then as the industry or your market matures, you may decide that you want to swap it out for something more robust.”

Key points covered in the Webinar are:

  • How to overcome the difficulty of building complex search engines for eCommerce sites?
  • Why it’s important to get people on board with previous experience?
  • Do you build it from scratch or buy it?

TLDR: straight to the point (quick links)

We all live busy lives, and sometimes a long webinar is too much of a time-footprint for our busy schedules. So to help you get to the bit you’re more interested in, use our table of contents below. Quick links to help you get straight to the point.

“One of my strong beliefs is following the Sun, and having globally distributed software engineering teams. For me, that’s really important because you get to have a little bit more flexibility in culture, allowing for very diverse and different thinking. It also allows you to troubleshoot and support your users throughout the globe. Many [eCommerce sites] have users in any and every continent and country. So having a globally distributed team allows for having somebody that is not just picking up the phone and answering you as a tech-support person, but going a step further and providing you [with] a world-class engineer who will solve your problems right there and then.”

Do you need help with E-Commerce or search engines?
Reach out to us.