Podcast: Principles for the foundation of technology-driven organisations

Episode 2: Principles for the foundation of technology-driven organisations

Herding the kittens in technology

Guest: Branislav Gjorcevski – CEO of IT Labs

Hello People. I hope you are managing to navigate yourself, your people and your organisation through these mind-boggling times. Our next CTO Confessions podcast is highly related to this subject of navigating an organisation in general, particularly in these times. That’s leading others and includes leading yourself.

Banne, CEO and co-founder of IT Labs is joining me in a warm discussion on the subject. We are going to get together with a hot beverage and talk about Principles (and values) that help drive what you as a leader are trying to achieve. How principles combined with your unique style of leadership support you in herding those kittens in your organisation that just seem to run off in a different direction than don’t serve you or the business very well. We will gravitate around a book that we both love (Principles by Ray Dalio). Principles are powerful. They help you make tough decisions; they allow people to align themselves around them. They can create a powerful flow of value delivery and productivity with minimal command and control (i.e. make your life easier). Come and have a listen and see how this can help your leadership and the dynamics in your workplace.

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Podcast: Business Agility in the context of the Corona Virus challenge

Hello all, and welcome to “CTO Confessions” brought to you by IT Labs.

My name is TC, and I’m honored to be hosting the “CTO Confessions” podcast. In our podcast we tackle the subject of leadership, how to deal with hard issues facing your business and we try to get closer to the world of those fantastic women and men that hold it all together with different priorities that rarely get appreciated.

Join us in our biweekly podcast and have fun as we tackle the world of business and the CTO Life.

So let’s talk about our first episode (drum roll…) “Business Agility in the context of the Corona Virus challenge“. Snappy title right? As if the world was not complicated enough with businesses having to navigate fast, dramatic changes in the market place, and also internally to the organization. Along comes a devastating pandemic that has us all disrupted in so many ways. So as a business leader, what can you do to keep the business afloat?

How can you keep all your crew happy? How can you lead in a time of increased VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity)? Listen to our podcast to get some insights from our Chief Methodologist, Mr Manoj Khanna.

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