Our New Year’s Party

With the holiday season approaching, we got inspired to spread some cheer and joy, and lend a hand to people in need. Since our company mostly consists of young developers, we came up with the idea to organize a big party for all our staff, partners and friends. ... Read More

Ping Pong Tournament

Building team spirit here at the new IT Labs offices is a priority, so we created an entertainment room for each member of our family to enjoy and relax in, when needed. The ping pong table became a big hit and we’ve actually discovered some hidden talents. ... Read More

Welcome to Our New Offices!

After spending more than two years on the 11th floor of a tall office building, enjoying a magnificent view of the city, it was time for us to move. We found that we had simply outgrown the space due to our ever-increasing staff and our need for larger work spaces to accommodate our diverse projects requirements and unique collaborative needs. ... Read More