I’ve worked with IT-Labs for a long time, and even before now with many of the company people in a previous setting. The exceptional service, efficient delivery, and strength of building platforms is what made me think of them as a natural choice for my next project. All the staff have been great to work with, and especially important for us, transparent and willing to adapt to our method of development. I highly recommend them and would choose them as a partner again and again.


JT Klepp, CEO, Codengo


Business Model, Product Design, Graphic Design, UX, News and Newsletters, Management Tool, Back-Office, CMS, CRM, and other mobile application specific tools.


Complete one SMART Submission Form™ to support hundreds of stores. Multi-language support. Manage all updates and edits from a single CodeNgo account.

What we did

Web Design / .NET Development / API loaded MVC.NET / platform fully integrated in the AWS

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