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Corporate education in today’s digital age goes beyond the traditional coach/teacher-student/employee classroom. Today’s education is interactive, with courses offered online both live and self-paced. IT Labs has the experience in creating learning management system (LMS) solutions that help your business create and develop online learning courses and programs.

IT Labs’ approach to learning management systems development

We know that successful classes and training go far beyond the actual curriculum–much of their success has to do with the platform on which the classes and training reside. IT Labs can help your business create and develop cloud-based training systems quickly and efficiently. We’ll help you identify competencies of your best employees and develop training protocols.

Types of learning management systems IT Labs can develop

IT Labs is able to create and develop custom learning management systems for your business’ specific needs. These may include:

  • Customer training: Provide your customers with custom courses to learn how to use your products and services better.
  • Certification training: Help your employees, contractors, and more get certified in a specified field of study or interest.
  • Employee education: Provide your employees with resources for learning systems, procedures, and more.
  • Compliance training: Help your employees stay within compliance with training, re-certification study guides, and more.

Don’t see what you need? Just ask. We offer custom learning management system development. Of course, we build our learning management systems to be responsive to multiple devices and platforms, so there is never a need for your employees and customers to be tied to a desktop to access your training and resources.

Why use IT Labs for my LMS development needs?

IT Labs understands that your business needs an intuitive learning management platform to keep your users’ focus on the content and learning, rather on trying to fumble through a difficult, clunky LMS platform. Your administrators will find the backend setup just as simple–helping you spend more time developing content and courses and less time implementing them.

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