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How to find the right ERP for the job?

A great ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution is only effective if it works for a particular business’ needs, and it’s no secret that deploying a successful ERP takes professional expertise and knowledge. That’s why IT Labs can assess your business’ needs and recommend the right ERP solution for the job…and then personalize the ERP dashboard to fit your company’s needs.

Some of the typical core components of an ERP include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM), to ensure business objectives are being met through sales and service/support channels.
  • Financial Management, to ensure the fiscal accountability of revenue, expenses, contracts, and assets.
  • Human Capital Management (HRM), to provide the analytics and management tools of talent and workforce.
  • Project Management, to ensure all deliverables are produced on budget, on time.
  • Procurement / Supply Chain Management, to manage sourcing, purchasing, inventory, transportation / logistics, and value chain planning / execution.

What ERP does IT Labs develop and support?

IT Labs can develop and support many existing ERP solutions–whether your business currently uses a proprietary platform such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, etc., or any of the cutting- and bleeding-edge open-source platforms (WebERP, Dolibarr, ERP5, and so on). For businesses that do not utilize a current enterprise resource planning strategy, IT Labs will help them determine the right ERP solution to fit their needs and wants…and then help to customize it for optimum efficiency.

My business has specific ERP needs. How can IT Labs help?

IT Labs’ ERP services include customization, integration, and migration.

  • Customization. IT Labs offers a complete ERP customization of open-source ERP platforms, with the ability to personalize virtually any ERP dashboard to eliminate ongoing IT expenses. IT Labs will work with your organization to identify a project leader and team for your specific ERP implementation, providing you with the support and professional knowledge you need to hit the ground running. We will keep best practices in mind, striving to help you simplify your processes, always be productive, target and execute campaigns, and much more. These intense and all-encompassing steps are necessary to provide IT Labs’ clients with a more effective ERP system to achieve as a highly efficient business in the long run.
  • Integration. Is an ERP expert, IT Labs is dedicated to exceptional support and complete integration of your ERP into your business’ day-to-day workings. Our integration aids your business in less duplication of processes, continuity across platforms, and overall more efficient business practices.
  • Migration. Changing ERP systems can seem just as stressful as the initial implementation of your first ERP. At IT Labs, we work to properly plan and execute a successful migration from one system to another. We will work with you to discover what information needs to be migrated, determine what security plans need to be established in the new platform, prioritize what needs to be moved when, and so on.

Why use IT Labs for my ERP?

Businesses want to function as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible. IT Labs can help your company make the most of its time and resources in real time with an effective and customizable enterprise resource planning solution.

IT Labs understands the importance of professional support and experience when it comes to ERP platforms–whether or not we customize them. IT Labs employs ongoing staff training and development to stay abreast of all the latest changes to this kind of platforms. Our team of experts are on-demand and in the know–to ensure we are the leaders in ERP customizations.

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