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As accessibility to computers with varying operating systems becomes more and more affordable, the necessity of cross platform software solutions proves increasingly vital to a business’ success. Sometimes, an off-the-shelf approach doesn’t provide you or your customers with what is needed. When you need a software program developed that is easily implementable across Linux, Apple, Microsoft, and more, IT Labs has the skills to deliver a solution that is affordable and consistent. IT Labs works to bring its clients quality software solutions that work across multiple platforms using a shared code approach that cuts down on the time to implement and keeps your costs lower.

IT Labs’ approach to cross platform software development

The IT Labs team uses a shared code approach when developing cross platform software programs for its clients. The shared code approach allows IT Labs to better utilize its time and talents during the development process–allowing for the core code to be shared between platforms and decreasing costs to you, our client. We begin the process by conducting extensive platform research and then develop a comprehensive strategy for the end result. We then develop the base software platform using the shared code approach. Once final coding for each platform has been implemented, IT Labs implements a lengthy quality assurance process to ensure your software does what you want it to do, regardless of the environment in which it is being used. Once final testing is complete, your business is able to bring its product to multiple markets at once, thus reducing the cost of development per platform.


IT Labs is renowned for its development experience across multiple platforms.

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux / UNIX

Although each platform can have a similar user experience, the approach to how the user has that experience is different based on the platform.

Why use IT Labs for my cross platform software development needs?

IT Labs understands the need for businesses to provide unique experiences to their customers across multiple operating system platforms, and at a cost that isn’t exorbitant or beyond scope. We are here to help businesses attract more customers and brand themselves as flexible, straightforward, and up to speed on current technology trends. We help you with software development so you can focus on your customers and growing your business.

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