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What is a good CMS?

A good CMS (Content Management System) can be utilized by many different businesses, but IT Labs recognizes that what works for one business may not necessarily work for another. CMS platforms need to be professionally recommended to companies with their particular needs in mind, and IT Labs works diligently to make those appropriate recommendations to its clients. WordPress may work well for Business A, but Business B has different needs where Drupal is better-equipped…and Business C needs the property management of Joomla. Whichever platform bests suits a business’ needs, IT Labs is there to recommend and customize it.

What CMS does IT Labs develop and support?

IT Labs develops and supports many CMS platforms:

  • WordPress is an extremely common CMS platform on which websites are built and maintained. Themes are available for free and for purchase, and the backend interface looks similar to standard word processing platforms such as Word and Pages. The IT Labs team of developers are experts in WordPress development. IT Labs can develop custom components for existing WordPress themes. Want to be unique and standout in the online marketplace? IT Labs can create custom WordPress themes, install and customize plugins to fit a business’ needs, and even migrate existing sites from other CMS platforms to WordPress.
  • Joomla is a CMS that allows for the creation of online applications and websites. Designs and extensions are available both for free and for purchase, with a backend that is simple and well-organized. Need a corporate intranet or extranet? IT Labs can create secure, custom Joomla-based portals for any business, large or small. Our experience with Joomla development and customization covers both secure, private portals to large corporate websites.
  • Drupal is a CMS geared toward websites with not only online content needs but also user communities. Its backend allows for permissions settings from anonymous to intricate users, and has free and customizable themes similar to WordPress. IT Labs keeps up-to-date with ongoing changes to the base platform, allowing us to create customizations and develop modifications to suit the needs of the business.

My business has specific CMS needs. How can IT Labs help?

IT Labs’ CMS services include customization, integration, and migration.

  • Customization. Businesses often love their current WordPress/Joomla/Drupal theme, but need some customizations in order to make it perform as they need it to. IT Labs can both customize existing CMS platforms as well as develop a custom CMS tailored to the existing and growing needs of a business.
  • Integration. That all-in-one solution a business needs often encompasses a CMS on one platform and an in-store system on another…neither of which “talk” to one another. IT Labs realizes that businesses need to stop working within the constraints of their current CMS and expand with high-level integration and top-notch user experience. IT Labs’ integration services help with that and more.
  • Migration. Many businesses have spent countless hours developing traffic-generating content, giving them pause at even considering a new website and, especially, a new CMS. IT Labs delivers comprehensive migration services to convert content from existing CMS to a solution better-equipped to handle the needs of your ever-changing business. What’s more, these migrations can be quite affordable when executed with the business’ needs at the core.

Why use IT Labs for my CMS?

Your business moves, and it moves at the speed of light…so your website has to move with it. IT Labs helps companies keep up the pace by developing a CMS that drives more business and is simple to use. Your team can update your website without coding knowledge and focus on what’s important: the content, the customer, and growing revenue.

IT Labs strives to provide expertise and client-centered support for CMS platforms–whether we’ve developed them or not. IT Labs focuses on its own ongoing staff development and training to stay on top of the ever-changing CMS environments. We’ve worked hard to develop a complete team of experts–from UI designers and front-end developers to graphic designers and SEO experts–to ensure we are the leaders in CMS client services.

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