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Innovative Solutions / Software Development

At IT Labs, we take pride in the quality, design, and code of the software solutions we produce. We embrace the latest models and technologies and use them to build highly-scalable and easily-maintainable solutions. We assign a dedicated team of highly-skilled engineers to each project to ensure that the most optimized and high performance software products are created. We incorporate innovative solutions and provide our own feedback. IT Labs craftsmanship includes:

Analysis & Assessments. Thorough analysis of application requirements so we can properly design both software and server side architecture.

Considerations. Take every aspect of security into consideration: application, server side, and network.

Standards. Implement adequate software design and coding models and patterns, such as SOLID, DDD, CRUD, CQRS.

Test Driven Development. Build various test types as Unit Tests, Integration Tests, UI Tests, Load and Performance Tests, Scalability Tests, Penetration Tests, etc.

Quality Assurance Strategy. Provide, document, and implement QA strategy. Administer comprehensive testing of the solution before and after it goes into production.

Continuous Integration. Obtain Continuous Integration, Release, and Deployment strategy.

Solution Maintenance. Enable solution maintenance and monitoring on all segments: application, server side, and networking.

Support & Maintenance. Provide support and issue tracking.

For a complete list of technologies and integrations we support, please click here.

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  • I have been using IT Labs since I first came up the concept for PopGrotto. After extensive talks and research, I partnered with them knowing that they would be a perfect fit for us. I have worked with other tech companies in the past and this is a completely different level to anything I have ever experienced. Their drive for perfection and attention to detail is a lifesaver, and they meet or beat their deadlines every time. My platform, PopGrotto would not be what it is without them and I can’t imagine a better partner.

    Chris Vranian, CEO, PopGrotto Collectibles & Media
  • I've worked with IT Labs for a long time, and even before now with many of the company people in a previous setting. The exceptional service, efficient delivery, and strength of building platforms is what made me think of them as a natural choice for my next project. All the staff have been great to work with, and especially important for us, transparent and willing to adapt to our method of development. I highly recommend them and would choose them as a partner again and again.

    JT Klepp, CEO, Codengo Mobile Apps & Services
  • IT Labs has been a great partner from the very beginning, providing us with a very cost-effective, high-quality service with amazing attention to detail.

    Eric Villines, VP of Global Marketing, WPS OFFICE / KINGSOFT Productivity Tools

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